Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: There’s A New Smartphone On The Block

Google now has a new smartphone, the Google Pixel, after years of having the Google Nexus line of smartphones. With the new Google Pixel out, people are bound to compare it with other smartphones, such as Apple's iPhone 7.

One of the competitions of the Google Pixel is naturally the Apple iPhone 7. This is reflected in the pricing of the Google Pixel, which as CNet observes, rivals that of the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Features

For many people, the most interesting aspect of the Google Pixel would be its hardware and how it compares with other smartphones such as the iPhone 7. One of the notable features that the Google Pixel has is its 4 GB of RAM. The iPhone 7  only has 2 GB of RAM.

Another notable feature of the Google Pixel is that it uses the latest processor in the Snapdragon 821. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 uses its own processor, namely the A10. 

s for the screen, Google went all out with an AMOLED display which has been featured in Samsung's smartphones for years, as USA Today notes. With an AMOLED display, the Google Pixel's screen looks more vibrant and alive. The iPhone 7 only has an IPS LED panel.

As many Nexus fans know, Google smartphones run on Android. This will continue on with the Google Pixel, as it runs Android Nougat without all the extra software that manufacturers would put on.

The Google Pixel also has a camera that gives the iPhone 7 a run for its money. Its rear camera is 12.3 MP, which is close to the iPhone 7's 12 MP camera. However, the camera of the Google Pixel can take shots in low-light conditions, which is worth noting.

As for storage, the Google Pixel has 32 GB of internal storage. For those who want more, the Google Pixel also has a 128 GB variant.  Whereas, the iPhone 7 has several variants: 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB storage options. Similar to the Google Nexus and Apple's iPhone 7, the Google Pixel does not have a microSD slot. Although, Google does offer unlimited cloud storage unlike Apple.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Price

The Google Pixel is not far off from the iPhone 7 when it comes to its price. The 32 GB Google Pixel is priced at $649, which is the same price that the 32 GB iPhone 7. Meanwhile, the 128 GB Google Pixel costs $749. In comparison, the 256 GB iPhone 7 costs $849.

Overall, the Google Pixel is more than a match for the iPhone 7. In the end, however, it all boils down to user- experience. Only time can tell if the Google Pixel would be as successful as the Google Nexus line. 

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