DayDream View Vs. Gear VR: Google Takes On Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset

Google just had its event where it mainly introduced the Google Pixel. The event also has launched or introduced some new products, one of which is the Google DayDream View, a VR headset that is set to take on other VR headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR.

The Google DayDream View would work like the Samsung Gear VR, which is that it is basically a VR headset that requires a smartphone to run it, as ArsTechnica noted. This would mean using the smartphone's display and hardware to run the headset.

One difference which the Google DayDream View has with the Samsung Gear VR is that it will not be plugged directly into any smartphone. Instead, the controller that would be used with a wand controller, which is a handheld control which remotely operates the headset. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on one's experience on it.

Another difference would be the material used by Google for the DayDream View. Most VR headsets use plastic for their material. While the DayDream View still has plastic, it is more of a mold for the cloth enclosure. This makes the headset much lighter than most. Engadget reported that the use of cloth for the DayDream View makes it comfortable to use.

The Samsung Gear VR though has an advantage, and that is how people can view the screen. The DayDream View would be challenge for those who could not align the display, as it is noted that it has left and right screen halves that users will have to align.

Price would probably be a big advantage for the Google DayDream View, as it will only cost $79 compared to the Samsung Gear VR which costs $99. Of course, the prices don't include the smartphone. Google has yet to announce which smartphones would be compatible with the DayDream View, so those who might be interested will have to wait to see if their phones would work on it.

While Google might have a new smartphone, the Google Nexus 6 is getting an upgrade to Android Nougat, as iTechPost recently states.

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