10 Celebrities Who Are Actually Huge Gamers You Probably Didn't Know About

Most of us would consider ourselves as 'normal' gamers even though we are very good snipers or better goal scorers or best defenders. We probably would think such since we are ordinary people, living day to day, playing one video game at a time, just minding our own private lives.

Video games aren't just for ordinary people like us, yes there are now video game superstars, look up DOTA tournaments for one, and then there's this bunch of famous people who became well-known not because of video games but because they are celebrities. Below are 10 big celebrities we aren't aware are big video game fans too. Just like us, they are glued to their controllers or mouse and keyboard. We won't be posting pictures of these celebrities as the internet can assist you with that and besides, reading the names alone would ring a bell.

Jerry Ferrara - Known for being in the hit TV show, Entourage, Ferrara is no stranger to the big screen. But every now and then, he trades that big screen to a smaller one playing video games. He's a huge gamer at heart. The actor says that video games were a big part of his childhood growing in Brooklyn. He also adds that video games also bonded his friendships as he grew up. To top it off, he notes that, "every time I play a game online, I still feel like a little kid. With that 'staying-up-late-while-my-mom-thinks-I'm-sleeping' nostalgic moment." Ferrara also has a Twitch account, so look him up.

Demetrious Johnson - Johnson is a UFC warrior by day, a very serious gamer by night - or are the timelines the other way around? When this UFC fighter isn't in the ring with opponents, he likes to play video games. He also grew up playing them, and like Ferrara, streams on Twitch. He even mentioned on one of his streams that he would like to be on Twitch as a full time job. Even with his hectic training schedule, he finds 15 hours a week to play video games. That's a good gamer right there.

Megan Fox - No introduction needed, this Transformer star is no stranger to video games. Fox has just allowed her likeness in an RPG called, Stormfall: Rise of Balur. So she's both in a video game and a video game fan. Some of her favorite games are Uncharted and Halo.

Daniel Craig - Even Agent 007 has time to play video games. Craig, known for being James Bond, has said that video games are like an 'addiction'. The actor confessed in an interview, "I play games. Hands up. I'm quite into ones that have a big, fat storyline." His favorite titles include Vice City and admits he feels a little guilty after committing various crimes in the game.

Michelle Rodriguez - When not shooting for Lost or Avatar, Rodriguez spends most of her time with her console. She was also included on the first film adaptation of Resident Evil. So it's safe to say that she is both in a video game adaptation and plays a lot of video games.

Terry Crews - This funny guy is new to video games, for around a year or so. Nevertheless, he posted videos of him showing off his high end gaming rig that he is currently building. Crews used to be an NGL star before transitioning into a famous celebrity. Crews says that he wants to join the community for PC gaming and wants to have a Battlefield 1 session with the famous gamer, Snoop Dogg.

Seth Rogen - The actor streamed himself playing The Last of Us, which focuses on a somewhat terrified actor playing the video game. The video is also a living proof that Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is famous enough to poke actors like Rogen.

Justin Bieber - When this pop star isn't busy recording, he likes to relax with some video games. Apparently, the young star was even a couple of hours late one time attending his own concert justifying that he was too "busy" playing video games. Let this be an example on not to let video games negatively impact your schedules.

Mila Kunis - The actress liking video games is a testament to her character, Meg, in Family Guy compared to her real-life persona. Kunis herself said she used to play WOW so much that she felt the need to stop it; else, her productivity will reach its lowest. Apparently, the MMORPG consumed so much of her time; she had to let the habit go.

Robin Williams - He probably is the biggest video game fan in general; the actor passed away in 2014. Williams was famous for his long stints about online games like WOW. He even named her daughter after Zelda, a famous Nintendo video game. The late actor has also been known to dig games like Portal and Half-Life 2. He would trash talk teenagers while playing Call of Duty. Robin Williams is missed by a huge community of gaming fans calling him a legendary gamer.

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