Final Fantasy XV First Look, Strategies: How to Acquire the Death Magic in Death Spell

Final Fantasy XV has once again shown fans an advance preview of its gameplay, "Death Spell." The gameplay featured one of Noctis' most powerful magic spells called the Death Magic.

The Death Magic can be literally described as death itself because it squeezes the life from the enemy and exploding in the aftermath. Every FFXV player who uses this will definitely cause their enemies to cower and run in fear.

Final Fantasy XV Death Magic can be acquired through the Ring of Lucii. This ring is handed down to the kings of Lucis from generation to generation. Since Noctis is the Crown Prince of Lucis, his father might have handed it to him before he set his journey with his friends. The ring is so powerful because it gathers all the wisdom and power of all the kings of Lucis. However, it only unleashes its power if it sees that the individual wearing it is worthy to wield the power it gives.

"He who holds the Ring communes with the Lucii and commands great power," Lunafreya said of the ring.

According to Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata, the Ring of Lucii will not only give Noctis the powerful Death Magic spell but it will also give him access to other more powerful and infinite magical abilities.

There's one thing Final Fantasy XV players must keep in mind when using the Death Magic: player damage increases with the frequency they use the ability. It also makes them weaker much faster so it should only be used strategically during the game.

Aside from this immense power, the recently released Final Fantasy XV gameplay trailer also showed that the Bandersnatch will make an appearance in the game. In previous Final Fantasy titles, these meanies were also present to bring havoc and destruction to anyone who gets in their way.

Final Fantasy XV is set for release on November 29 on XBox One and PlayStation 4.

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