Nokia Phone Stops Bullet, Saves a Man's Life

The verdict is in when it comes to the strength of Nokia phones. A tweet shared by a Microsoft employee who worked on a Nokia Lumia proved that these handsets can indeed handle tough damage - and can even stop a bullet.

The latest Nokia to save a life

According to Peter Skillman, a phone that he worked on a few years ago stopped a bullet from killing a man in Afghanistan. This is yet to be confirmed, but Skillman shared the image of the phone with the bullet lodged in the middle.

This is not the first time that phones have saved a person's life. Nokia, in particular, has earned the reputation for being indestructible. In May of 2014, a Brazilian police officer cheated death when a bullet hit his Nokia Lumia 520, which he kept in his back pocket.

Nokia's reputation as a tough phone goes beyond the memes. In fact, there are dozens of videos and photos proving that these phones can survive just about anything.

In 2012, the company released the Lumia 920, which is said to work even after being run over by a car.

Other phones have saved lives too

There are other phone brands that have reportedly saved lives. In New Zealand, a resident survived a hydraulic explosion when a Samsung flip phone prevented the flames from entering his lungs.

In the UK, an iPhone 5c saved a father of two from a shotgun blast. Daniel Kennedy was shot in July 2015 when he challenged a group of teenagers who switched off the public water supply as a prank.He survived the attack because his iPhone 5c took most of the beating.

In 2013, HTC's Evo 3D saved a store clerk in Florida when an armed robber fired at him while leaving the premises.

As phones continue to act as a shield against life-threatening objects, it's clear that these hand-held life-savers can serve a higher purpose than taking selfies and posting them on social media.

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