Skyrim Remastered Is Quite Larger Than The Original Version

Looks like lots of interesting things are coming to Skyrim Remastered -- something that will surely make fans excited. One is the fact that Bethesda has already confirmed the arrival of mods to Sony's PS4. This alone is enough to make any enthusiast happy. Moreover, the official size of the upcoming special edition title has been revealed.

According to GamingBolt, a listing in the so-called Australian Xbox One store has revealed the actual size of the highly anticipated Skyrim Remastered. If the original game managed to accumulate around 4GB on the Xbox 360, the upcoming remastered version will be of 22.75GB. The list on the aforementioned store can be checked here.

In a sense, Skyrim Remastered is quite larger compared to the original one. When in terms of comparing it to Microsoft's Xbox One as well as Sony's console, it's relatively six times bigger in size. This alone projects that the game will be a hefty product to look forward to.

The said size of Skyrim Remastered can be explained by the supposed added content arriving along with it -- something that wasn't featured in the original version. It's worth noting that the remastered will introduce all of the DLCs in the installment.

In related Skyrim Remastered news, Bethesda announced via The Elder Scrolls official Facebook page that mods/4K support are coming. And yes, this includes Fallout 4, another title developed by the studio. Apart from that, the soon to be released game will sport a feature called Native 4K Rendering in PlayStation Pro.

Well, it seems the video game company really pushed the boundaries for Skyrim Remastered and Fallout 4. Sure enough, the community as a whole is happy knowing that that the studio delivered what was promised.

What are your thoughts on Skyrim Remastered? Are you excited for the title as well as the mods coming to PS4? What are your expectations? Let us know at the comment section below!

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