ReCore News: Sales Gone Bad? Microsoft Finally Made Their Move

By K.C , Oct 06, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

ReCore is an action-adventure game published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for PC and Xbox One. During the release of its trailer, fans were greatly enticed by its unique designs and captivated a lot of enthusiasts eagerly waiting for its official release.

Months gone by and ReCore was finally launched on Sept.13 this year but contrary to the expectations of many, ReCore received mix reviews from various critics including IGN that stated: "Perhaps its biggest issue, at least on console, is its shoddy overall performance. While a mid or even lower range PC can handle ReCore just fine even at max settings, the Xbox One version rarely if ever manages to make it to 30 fps. It never interfered with my ability to play in any significant manner, but it definitely degrades the visual joy of exploring Far Eden a bit."

So what's affecting ReCore in becoming a major hit? Well, we got you covered.

A First Look at ReCore

In "ReCore," you play as Joule Adams, a young woman that was sent to the world of "Far Eden," in the hopes of terraforming it into a habital planet for mankind to live. You are accompanied by your best friend, a robot dog to fight against other robots which you will encounter during the course of your mission.

ReCore introduces a lot of traditional game mechanics primarily platforming and lock-on shooting and incorporate them to the modern game mechanics of fluid and fast-paced maneuvers. ReCore also implements combo counter for your attacks similar to the famous Devil May Cry and God of War games.

Factors Affecting ReCore's Success

One of the factors that plagued the success of ReCore is its annoying technical problems which resulted in loading issues. Transitioning from one zone to another takes approximately 20-30 seconds which is downright awful considering you'll have to move from one place to another most of the time. Moving in and out from your home and dying also triggers this loading time issue.

Aside from that, some people are complaining for its element that involves grinding which, most of the folks nowadays, hate for the most part primarily for its time consuming factor.

Microsoft's Move to Resolve the Issue

Microsoft made a move today that may help improve the sales of ReCore by giving away a free 30-minute trial of the game which you can use to experience the full depth and features of the game. Aside from that, the game also received a major ReCore update which decreases its load times and added new "audio and visual improvements."

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