‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Renewed For Fifth Season As TBS Wins Cable Syndication Rights

TBS has just nabbed the rights to roll the first five seasons of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" after sealing an agreement with NBCUniversal. TBS is an American basis cable and satellite television channel that is maintained by the Turner Broadcasting System branch of Time Warner.

In the world of broadcasting, cable syndication is the licensing the right to air television as well as radio programs on several various media platforms without having to go through a broadcast network. With the deal closed with NBCUniversal, TBS will have the exclusive rights to broadcast the aforementioned TV series on its first five seasons. It was reported that sources from industry have said an episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is worth more or less $500,000. The said cable syndication agreement shall commence in 2017.

With the agreements on cable syndication rights, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has also secured a fifth season, which means fans will be seeing more of the show. The TV comedy series is currently on its fourth season and its first episode was aired on September 20 of this year.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" garnered fans and millions of viewers with its cop comedy plot and with main characters brought to life by talented and known actors such as Terry Crews, Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and Stephanie Beatriz. Aside from the cast made up of appealing actors, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been acknowledged as one of the best comedy television series. It has been nominated for several categories and along with its several awards, it won two Creative Arts Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy and Best Actor for Andy Samberg.

With its fourth season that just recently started, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" continues to draw millions of viewers with its fresh cop comedy plot. It currently airs every Tuesday on Fox.

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