'Stranger Things' Season 2 News And Updates: New Characters Being Casted; Is Eleven Not Coming Back?

"Stranger Things" upcoming season two has been one of the most highly-anticipated Netflix original series ever since it was confirmed. There have been speculations that the production team is now casting for new characters to join the series when it returns.

"Stranger Things" Production Allegedly Casting For More Characters In Season 2

It is no doubt that the Netflix original series "Stranger Things" has been one of the most-watched and most-talked about shows to date, despite the first season ending months ago. When Netflix confirmed that the series will be picked up for the second season, the fans got all the more excited even though there hasn't been a release date yet.

There have been reports claiming that Backstage sent out a casting call for Casting Taylormade which is a company that has worked previously with "Stranger Things" in casting extras for the series. When the casting call was revealed in an untitled television show, the fans were quick to assume that they are searching for additional characters for the series' upcoming season two.

"Stranger Things" season two is set to be shot in Atlanta, Georgia and people have been coming up with theories and speculations about its storyline. Most of the speculations center on Eleven's character and wondering if she has died during the season one finale or will make a dramatic comeback when the series returns for season two.

Is Eleven Coming Back For Season 2 Of "Stranger Things" Or Is She Gone For Good?

Eleven's character has been one of the most beloved characters in the series and actress Millie Bobby Brown who plays the part said that she has indeed prepared for her role in the series. One of the most significant preparations she has made was when she cut off her very long hair to play the part of Eleven in "Stranger Things." She had no problem with the changes she needed to make. She was in fact very happy and excited to portray the role.

Season two of "Stranger Things" is set to premiere sometime in 2017 although production hasn't started yet.

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