What's Missing From Google's Pixel Event?

The new Pixel phones have been unveiled. Google Home 'Smart Speakers' revealedDaydream VR Headset launched. Chromecast Ultra with 4K capabilities disclosed and the Modular Wi-Fi routers uncovered.

It seems that the tech giant showcased real advantages for users with its emphasis on Artificial Intelligence making their lives more "smart-enient" through new phones and gadgets at home.

The announcements that came in Google's Hardware Event in San Fransisco last Oct. 4 had a number of new products to date. However, other tech gadgets that the company is still working on haven't been revealed.

What are these cool stuffs and what can we expect more from Google?

Google Smartwatch

You might not know this but Google is currently working on two smartwatches, Android Police reported. The larger one called Angelfish can function well without being connected/tethered to a smartphone. It comes with GPS capabilities and a SIM card. The smaller variant on the other hand is named as Swordfish.

It's amusing how the company coined its smartwatches after fishes. Having its own sim card, it won't come a surprise if next time google will unveil its first "smart-phone-watch."

Google's Chromebook Pixel, Pixel 2

News from VentureBeat suggests that another high-end laptop - Chromebook Pixel - is underway. As per publication, although Google is building the device, it might never be released in public. No Chromebook announcements were also made in the October event. 

The Chromebook Pixel 2, a high end version of the Chromebook Pixel was discontinued without a replacement according to a report from Ars Technica. An updated version of the Chromebook Pixel 2 is currently missing from Google's lineup, TechFirstPost reported.

Google's Pixel 3 Smartphone, 7P

After Pixel and Pixel XL was unveiled, another device is about to hit the stores next year - Pixel 3. The device is currently codenamed as Bison according to a report from Android Police.  However, It seems unclear if it will come in the form of a laplet, like the Lenovo Yoga, or a tablet with a keyboard. 

Engadget reported that a 7-inch tablet by Huawei is in the works, called the 7P. The P here could stand for Pixel. 7p is rumored to be released before the year ends.

New Operating System for Google

Google's Chromebooks and tablets are all expected to run on a new operating system, Andromeda, which Google is currently working on. Andromeda OS was scheduled to be revealed last Oct. 4 along with the Pixel, but the announcement was delayed. Reports say that Pixel 3 and the Andromeda's unveiling will happen next year. 

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