‘League Of Legends’ Updates & News: Season 7 Brings Back Solo And Duo Queue; Ranked Flex Replaces Dynamic Queue

After acknowledging that dynamic queue failed to meet the needs of players, Riot decided to bring back Solo/Duo Queue for all "League of Legends" players. Major changes in the ranked system for 2017 include elimination the Dynamic Queue and introducing the Ranked Flex.

"League of Legends" 2017 Ranked System

This season, Riot finally brought the solo/duo queue but it would not be the same as what the feature used to be in 2015. Players can queue solo or with a loyal friend and go for gold or something even better.

The biggest difference between the new solo/duo queue from 2015 is that players can now choose two preferred positions and they can also veto the position they least liked. The challenger tiers would only for solo queue.

Although there's no more Dynamic Queue this season, players can have access to a feature similar to it through the Ranked Flex Queue. This queue allows up to five players to queue. This queue is best for serious and competitive gaming.

The greatest incentive that Riot would give to players that rank up the queue would still be a surprise and it would be an end-of-season reward.

"League of Legends" Developer Admits Mistake

Riot admitted that the 2016 season taught them a lot about the game, the players, and how the company could make "League of Legends" better. In the statement they released, they acknowledged that they would give up on the dream of having a "dynamic" queue which would make the game more competitive.

This update would both be available for client update as well as for legacy client. Riot also noted that the emblems which were temporary solutions would not be fixed permanently. This time around, however, it would be impossible to play with a friend with a higher or a lower rating. This may appear to be a bummer but it is a small price to pay for having the new ranked system.

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