This Startup Beats Amazon to Drone Delivery Service

Everyone has this impeccable desire that logistics should be done in a quicker and more reliable manner.

Just about two years ago, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Chief Executive Officer, discussed the idea on "60 Minutes" about providing goods directly to their customer's doorstep. His best example to make this desire come to life is to use drones to carry all their customer's packages and bring it to them safely and in a timely fashion - avoiding traffic and all other obstacles make this absolutely possible.

Today, they should be baffled as a small Australian start-up company established in Reno, Nev., made the idea come true sooner than expected.

Where Is the Evidence?

In a report coming from Bloomberg Technology, the young and ambitious company named Flirtey was able to do its first delivery using drone technology in July. It was able to deliver a package coming from a 7-Eleven to a home successfully.

Flirtey has this advocate to help parents with sick children from having to run and purchase their needs in a convenience store. Also, the drones are capable of delivering food, thanks to their well-designed insulated boxes - making fresh pizza, chili dogs and cold drinks safe and intact when reaching the destination.  

What Is Their Secret Strategy to Beating Amazon

According to Financial Review, Matt Sweeny, Co-founder and CEO of Flirtey, was able to have a head start in the race by working with the government regulators first. As a result, the company was able to gain an early approval to run the test way sooner than of Amazon.

The early bird does get the worm as the company is confident that their services will be made available within a year. Everyone should expect some flying drones here and there later next year.

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