Sibling Rivalry: Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P

Now that the new pure-android Google phones were unveiled as Pixel and Pixel XL, a question begs the mind of every android fans or casual phone users alike. How does it stack up against its last year's cousin? In particular, how does the bigger Pixel XL differ from last year's Nexus 6P? Let's break it down.


The Pixel XL comes with the latest Snapdragon 821 processor compared to Nexus 6P's older yet still very capable Snapdragon 810. The RAM is also bumped up on XL, housing a very generous 4GB while the 6P had 3GB on board. Both phones come with the same battery capacity of 3,450 mAh though the real-life usage on these two will differ in respect to each phone's software optimization. An option for 32GB or 128GB non-expandable memory is available for the XL while the 6P gives you three options, 32GB, 64GB and128GB. 


Both has the same combo of 12.3-megapixel rear shooter and 8-megapixel front camera. However, DxO recently gave the XL's camera an 89 rating, the highest any smartphone earned as reported by Tech Times, The Nexus 6P is no slouch either on this area with an 84 rating. A mere five-point difference if you do the math.


In this department, the Nexus 6P scores a tad higher over the XL with its bigger screen measured at 5.7 inches in comparison to the latter's 5.5. However, when you consider the pixel density, the XL's screen being slightly smaller than the 6P's, gives a denser ratio of 534 ppi. Both use an AMOLED display with a 2560x1440 resolution and protected by Gorilla Glass 4.


Both has a pretty solid feel in terms of its chosen design language. The XL has a mix of metal and glass construction on its top back panel while the 6P has an all metal design. This makes the XL lighter while the 6P being slimmer. Both screams premium in all its corner by the way.


Considering just the main components discussed above, the Pixel XL, being the newer version leads in most areas. The Nexus 6P meanwhile, isn't that too far behind in the competition. In all boils down to usability and real-life usage where Nexus 6P already made a mark. If you intend to buy the latest and most future proof phone that is, you can never go wrong with the Pixel XL. If you like to save some money at the same time own a phone that may not be the latest but still can compete with recent flagships, Nexus 6P has all you need.

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