Facebook In Talks With White House For Internet In The U.S.

Facebook has been offering free internet through its Free Basics app. Now, it has been confirmed that the tech company is in talks with the White House. Apparently, Americans will soon be able to access the internet for free.

Free Basics For Americans

CBS News has just confirmed Facebook's plan with the White House to launch the U.S. version of Free Basics. This will benefit those who are still not connected to the internet. Several reliable sources have already disclosed this previously to The Washington Post.

According to The Washington Post, users will be able to stretch their data plans through the Free Basics app. It is also reported that news, information and health services will be accessible. There are still not that many details about the Free Basics in the US.

Though the company has released a statement to CBS News. Facebook did not confirm any negotiation with the White House. But the tech giant reiterated that Facebook's mission is to connect the world. They gave a subtle hint by saying that the U.S. is among the places they could explore such possibility.

Facebook has been pushing internet access for those who do not have it. The company's Internet.org has been living up to its mission.

Facebook's Free Basics Controversy

Earlier this year, Facebook's Free Basic app had been prohibited in India. The company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has even described this event as a roadblock.

Indian regulators have found that the Free Basics app is limited and selective of its service. There are only a several sites that are accessible for free. It doesn't really offer an absolute internet access at no cost.

CBS News added that the app has long been criticized for its ethics. Critics say that the Free Basics is favorable to only a few powerful companies. It violates the principles of Net neutrality, according to CNET.

Despite this controversy, the Free Basics app has now reached 36 countries.

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