In-Depth Review On The PlayStation VR: Price, Specs And More

Technology has indeed come a long way, because as time goes by, more and more technological innovations are popping out of existence, bringing us closer to the day when we unite ourselves with technology. The living proof of this is Virtual Reality; specifically speaking - Sony's PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR Specs

The PlayStation VR has a resolution of 960 x 1080 with an OLED display, matching the 90Hz to 120Hz refresh rate. It has roughly a 100-degree field of view, and weighs 610g. It starts at $399, but requires another $49 PlayStation camera to function optimally.

Performance of the PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR can handle a decent amount of processing thanks to its extra processing unit, giving it more processing power. It also is able to handle 3D audio quite well. What makes it really good is that the HDMI signals between the display output and the PS VR display are all in sync, meaning there are no lags.

Design of the PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is indeed a VR headset that is much sleeker and aesthetically good looking when compared to other VR headsets. However, what makes it quite unorthodox is that you don't have to strap the HMD to your head, but rather just let it sit on top.

You can also easily move the display away from your face for you to do some other more important things.

Cons of the PlayStation VR

As of now, virtual reality technology is still taking off which puts consumers in a situation where there are a very limited number of content to make use of the PlayStation VR. The things that it can do aren't really that important, as well as the heavy price that you have to pay to have it.

Final Thoughts on the PlayStation VR

Virtual reality technology has been with us for years, however, the price is the main factor why it can't really take off higher in the market. Hopefully, the PlayStation VR makes notice of this reason.

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