Pokemon GO Gym Battle Update: Trainer Level No Longer Relevant?

Pokemon GO gym battle rules will soon be updated by Niantic. The expected changes will somehow level the playing field between different trainer levels.

 Pokemon GO Gym Training Made Easier

Pokemon GO players will soon have the option of bringing a maximum number of six Pokemon to train in friendly gyms. Currently, trainers can only trained one Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Gym Training CP Adjustment

Pokemon GO trainers regardless of level will now have a fighting chance in gym battles. Niantic posted a recent update with regards to CP level of the defending Pokemon. Basically, the developer will adjust the CP of the opposing Pokemon in order to improve the fighting chance of the trainer's Pokemon. Many low level trainers are discouraged from participating in gym battles because most of them are defended by Pokemon with huge CP.

This upcoming gym change is seen as a way to convince inactive Pokemon GO players to come back to the game and participate in the battles. This will also give trainers a way to level up their Pokemon at a much faster pace. Pokemon GO players who belong to a good team will definitely benefit from these announced changes.

Pokemon GO Capture Bonus

Niantic also announced an upcoming capture bonus feature in Pokemon GO. Trainers who captured a set number of a particular Pokemon will be granted a higher success rate in capturing the same type.

Impact of Niantic Updates in Pokemon GO

Niantic is steadily making improvements in Pokemon GO. However, a lot of players already left the game. The recent Niantic block against third party Pokemon GO tracker FastPokeMap, certainly did not help endear the developer with its players.

All of these announced features are still underway. Niantic has yet to set up an official date on when these new changes will be implemented in Pokemon GO.

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