'One Piece' Chapter 843 Updates: Luffy And Nami Go On To Save Sanji After Defeating Cracker

After weeks of waiting, Luffy and Cracker's battle was finally concluded in the last chapter of "One Piece." Now, fans can't wait to see if the former becomes successful in saving Sanji from his wedding.

Luffy Finally Defeated Cracker In Chapter 842 Of "One Piece"

It can be recalled that Luffy finally defeated Cracker during the last chapter of "One Piece," after the fans have been waiting for this for so long. Many chapters have been released after the battle has started, but none of one which concluded their battle until recently. Much to fans surprise, how Luffy defeated Cracker was definitely unexpected and entertaining at the same time.

With the help of Nami, he summoned an artificial rain towards the battle ground which led to Cracker's army of biscuits gone moist and soft. So Luffy decided to eat all of them at their moment of weakness, since there is no way to defeat them given their number. The strategy surprised Cracker and decided to plunge holes into the stomach of Luffy to defeat the latter.

Since Luffy was too heavy from eating all the army biscuits, he decided to divulge his 4th gear and transformed into Tankman, allowing him to defeat Cracker in that moment. Since that is now out of the way, Luffy and Nami are now trying to find a way to get to Sanji before he gets married successfully.

Vinsmoke Family Vs. Charlotte Family In Upcoming "One Piece" Chapter 843?

There are speculations that the upcoming chapter will feature Carrot and Chopper escape from Brulee's mirror to save Sanji, while Luffy and Nami find a way to get to the wedding. There have been speculations that Pudding is also against marrying Sanji, and the clash between the Vinsmoke and Charlotte family will finally happen in the upcoming chapter 843 of "One Piece."

"One Piece" chapter 843 won't come until next week, so the fans will have to stick to the speculations about what will happen to Sanji in the next chapters of the series.

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