Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta Update: Two Missions, Three Maps

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will soon have its multiplayer beta test. Here are some details on what kind of missions, maps and weapons to expect in the test play.

COD: Infinite Warfare Beta Play - Two Missions

COD players in the multiplayer beta play will get to try out the two missions in the upcoming game. The JTF Wolverines mission is offered to players who like straight combat while the Orion Initiative who are more into strategy. The upcoming game will have two more additional missions.

COD: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta - Three Maps

COD multiplayer beta players will have three maps to choose from. Frontier is a small circular map where the battles can end quickly. Players will fight it out in a very cramp corridor of a space station.

Frost is a bigger linear research facility map and located in the Europa moon. COD players will fight each other in the icy environment.

Throwback is bent map that reminds players of a U.S. 1950s scene. However, the map is actually located inside a giant space station that offers plenty of battle grounds to players.

COD: Infinite Warfare - Combat Rigs & Special Weapons

COD players can choose up to three combat rigs in the multiplayer beta play. The final game version will have six combat rigs. Each of them will have its own specialized weapons, payload and traits.

Warfighter is assault type rig that is suited for offensive and quick kill missions. The assault rig is equipped with a Claw gun capable spread shots.

The Merc rig is suited for defensive and suppressive role. It is equipped with a beam weapon that could hit several enemies at the same time.

The SYNAPTIC A C6 Class rig is a droid specializes in quick and melee fighting. Its underarm hides machine guns equipped with silencers.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Release Date

The multiplayer beta play for COD: Infinite Warfare is set on October 14 for PS4 players only. Xbox One players will be allowed to join on October 21. The upcoming game is set for launch on November 4 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC platform.

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