'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Spoilers, News And Updates: Fan Recreates Comic-Con's Court Case Video; Looks Better Than The Original?

With "Rick And Morty" Season 3 still underway, creative fans of the series came up with different ways to fight boredom while waiting for the show's premiere. Apparently, a fan recreated the show's teaser and even looked better than the original.

During the Comic-Con event a couple of months ago, Adult Swim revealed a hilarious reenactment of a real court transcript. "Rick And Morty" voice actor Justin Roiland were asked to do the reading of the transcript that happened between Judge Bryant Durham , Jr. of the Superior Court of Floyd County, Georgia, and defendant Denver Fenton Allen. The real life conversation took place on May 17, 2017 and was released in public in June 20, 2016.

Adult Swim's version of the 11-minute court transcript is a mere black and white sketch video that fans find "lacking" of creativity. That is probably because the animators are busy creating the actual season 3. Although different from the usual "Rick And Morty" visuals, fans still get to enjoy the humor it brings with the swearword-filled dialogue from the court room.

But one super fan upped the game and recreated a "better" version of the same clip. Youtuber tiarawhy spent the past couple of months turning the audio from "Rick And Morty's" version into a "schwifty" fan animation that looks like a real episode of the series. According to tiarawhy, she made the video herself using Toonboom Harmony 14 Premium software.

Meanwhile, "Rick And Morty" Season 3 has been confirmed to be released on December 2016. It also expected to follow a more dramatic tone compared to its previous installments. In a previous report, it has been revealed that the third season will focus more on the lead characters' relationship. In fact, it was said that Beth and Jerry is heading for divorce. In addition, Rick's wife is set to comeback in one episode to comfort him during this trying time. However, it remains unclear whether the two will reunite for good or not.

"Rick And Morty" Season 3 may be a bit far from its release. Still, fans can enjoy an alternative that can satisfy their humor craving. Check out the fan animation from tiarawhy below.

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