Oculus' Next Big Move Could Be Its Greatest Strategy

Oculus has been gone since the several virtual reality headsets were out on the market. After several tries, the company developed its VR app and created two VR controllers to accompany its headset.

Before, Oculus marketing plan included bundle with an Xbox One controller, a sensor and the games Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale. But now, the company has bolder move that will attract the gamers to patronize its product.

Oculus Next Prototype Demo "Santa Cruz"

During the Oculus Connect last Oct. 6 showed a video of Santa Cruz. The company described the program as a wireless middle ground between Gear VR and Rift. The demo of the new prototype makes use of four wide-angle cameras placed on the front's edges, which enables it to manage "inside-out tracking." This means that no external cameras will be needed to track movements, The Verge reported.

The demo of Santa Cruz lasted about 3-4 minutes around a neighborhood surrounded with buildings. Even if the images were a little blurry and a little more like movie than a game, it seems complete for a tester.

According to Tech Crunch, the Oculus team admitted that the tracking only works on certain surroundings like the demo room's well-lit environment that is suitable for Santa Cruz.

Software Will Be Oculus' Biggest Obstacle

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was present on the Oculus Connect conference. Zuckerberg's idea of virtual reality is creating a perfect software that can maximize the technology for use in communication, which is not a surprise coming from the biggest social media creator.

Perkins Coie and a VR advocacy group called Upload emphasized that the companies need to produce engaging virtual reality games and apps. This will lure in more users, which will then enable the technology to be the next big thing.

"The first step is getting basic hardware out there," said Zuckerberg referring to the delays of shipping of the Rift. He wanted to develop software that will produce apps that will bring the VR gamers and users altogether, according to Fortune.

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