Google Creating an Army of Diverse Coders

Google's unique computer science lab is now officially introduced to the public in Oakland. The science lab, Code Next, is an educational facility designed to focus mainly on young African-Americans and Latinos interested in technology. Their mission is to teach these young minds how to code and master the essentials of computer science.

According to Tech Crunch, about 51 percent of African-American students and 47 percent of Latino students in the US do not have any access to computer science classes in school. This motivated Google to pursue the program and build an army of diverse coders.

The Program Specifics

Code Next aims to get 70 eighth-grade students in Oakland, plus another 70 at Harlem. This program is scheduled to launch in 2017. Before the grand opening, New York students will presume their classes at Google's NYC headquarters.  

The course of the program, developed by Google and MIT Media Lab, will educate students to master the fundamentals of coding and how to execute it properly by letting them join in hands-on activities. Students will also have the option to learn 3D modeling and game development.

Aside from the technicalities, Code Next will include core math courses to enhance computation skills (vital for coding), engineering design, and leadership development. Google assures students that the course will be free of charge, but in order to be a part of the course, students should be selected by their schools and non-profit organizations.

The Program's Mission

The program does not end in coding alone. They promised to support their students throughout high school. They will also assist them to successfully get into college. After they graduate from college, they have the option to either become fully engaged in the tech industry or pursue a different profession.

"These kids will definitely be set up to work at Google and will be highly competitive applicants," said April Alvarez, Google Student Experience Program Manager. "They will also be set up to start their own companies - to start their own next Facebook or Apple."

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