Bill Gates Urges Next US President To Prioritize Long-term Innovation

Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates asked the U.S. presidential candidates and other world leaders to prioritize long-term innovations in order to solve problems like global health and climate change, as reported by Geek Wire.

Using President John F. Kennedy as a reference, Gates explained that this is a very important action for the betterment of the world, since we could even improve as society for the next generations if private and public sector unifies to make the solutions happen. According to Business Insider, these are his four most important priorities:

Eradicate HIV and other neurodegenerative diseases

Although many of these diseases could be extremely expensive, Gates said that this is something that the next U.S. President and world leaders have to resolve to make a huge leap in scientific achievement. Gates wrote: "Based on recent progress, I believe world leaders could help make an effective AIDS vaccine a reality within the next decade. And with a vaccine, we would be on the path to ending the disease altogether."

Prevent future health epidemic

Considering how many dangerous diseases are spreading throughout the world, Gates said that the private sector and the governments have to work together to solve this problem to prevent a major health epidemic.

Gates wants affordable energy for everyone

On his Gates Notes Blog, he said that this is a very important action that world leaders has to make without contributing to climate change, since it is imperative to find alternatives to carbon-emitting fuels, considering that within eight years these could no longer exist. The key is to run every city with renewable energy.

Achieve a world-class education

It is well known that Gates believe that a personalized education is the best, but in order to make it happen all around the globe, it is important not only that technology spread, but also that the government and private sector work together.

"The private sector has started work on these ideas, but funding for government research budgets would boost the market and help identify the most effective approaches, giving teachers and students new tools that empower them to do their best work," Gates wrote.

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