5 Upcoming Horror Games Worth Waiting For

Horror games have been hanging around for the longest time, over the years it has evolved to be more indulgent and immersive, thanks to advances in graphic technology and like cherry on top of an ice cream, improvements in virtual reality made it much horrifying - and 2016 hosts a good year as VR headsets are popping out into the market.

Back then, horror based games were sort of funny, trying to scare us with poor polygon count, it simply wouldn't do. Without the scary audio to complement them with, the games back then weren't scary - try playing a PS2 horror game without the sound, you'll notice they aren't that scary.

Today's photorealism, however, has changed that, take for instance, Resident Evil 7. But with awesome graphics comes the need to upgrade your hardware as well. So, without further ado, we picked up our top 5 horrifying titles from Heavy.com's 10 best horror games that are still coming.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Horror games are best played in VR. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a shooter-on-rails coming exclusive as a PlayStation VR title that drags players on a terrifying rollercoaster ride. The creators want to highlight that this game is not a sequel to the original Until Dawn, not even a DLC. The game is a standalone set in the same universe as the first title.

Through the Woods

Through the Woods is a psychological horror video game set in third-person. The game follows a story about a mother looking for her missing son. In summary, the game scares the heck out of you as it mimics the creepiness of a remote forest as the sun sets to darkness.

Friday the 13th

The horror genre is somehow shaped by Jason Voorhees and he's back to terrorizing Camp Crystal Lake. The game is crowdfunded but it comes out like a Triple-A. Proof that you don't need to have a multi-billion studio to create awesome games.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The story of Resident Evil 7 picks up where Resident Evil 6 has left off, right in the heart of an abandoned plantation mansion. In the game, you just need to do simple things: explore while staying alive in an attempt to get out unharmed. The game draws from the roots of the original Resident Evil sprinkled with photorealism in VR.

Outlast 2

The sequel to Outlast follows journalists Lynn and Blake Langermann investigating the murder of a pregnant woman. Set in first-person, if the first Outlast wasn't scary enough, expect at least double horror for this one. The game was delayed for a year but fans are still excited.

If this list isn't enough for you, then try out other scary games below:

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