Pokemon Go News: Your CP May Be Reduced When Challenged By A Team Mate On Gym Battles

In our quest to keep you guys updated about video games, particularly for Pokemon Go, we scoured the internet to get the latest scoop on its update. One thing we got for you today is the update about training at a friendly Gym. Niantic has changed a few nuts and bolts about battling in a gym that is controlled by a player's own team.

It is already given, or maybe an FYI to some, that if you battle a gym in Pokemon Go that is dominated by your teammates, you only get to pick one Pokemon, as opposed to six towards enemy teams. Therefore, it is harder to beat all assigned Pokemon when you try to tackle your teammates, ergo, 'training' is hard. So, at this point, it is easier to win over enemy gyms than your own team's, provided your Pokemon are strong enough. There is also this tip on Reddit to get thru with the challenges on battling friendly Pokemon.

However, Otaku Kart has reported that there will be a slight change in the future updates with regards to battling friendly gyms in Pokemon Go. For one, it is said that you can now use six Pokemon even if the gym you are tackling is friendly. On top of that, it is stated that Niantic will also adjust the Combat Points (CP) of gym defenders when they are challenged by Pokemon with much lower CP - but this is only applicable to trainers within the same team. In a sense, if your Snorlax with a CP of say 2500 is defending a gym and then here comes a team mate challenging you with a 500CP Pikachu, your CP wouldlower to match with the challenger. How it is being calculated is still to be officially announced.

As always, higher level Pokemon defending a gym will not lower its CP when challenged by a Pokemon from another team.

How is this adjustment useful?

Well, besides being bad news to the defending party, this will make a great arena for lower level team mates to grind up their level and Pokemon CP faster by gaining a lot more XP and stardust when challenging their higher level team mates. It is thought of that this step is made by Niantic to close the gap between trainers' levels as well as CP levels.

To lighten up your day, here's a funny video about gym battles in Pokemon Go:

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