Pokemon Go Update: How Niantic Labs Should Introduce Generation 2 Pokemon

Pokemon Go fans are in for some exciting news every few weeks since Niantic has shown that they are indeed dedicated to bringing bug fixes, new features, and spawn nests changing every now and then. Well, PoGo players deserve all the best things especially since they helped bring the hit-augmented reality game's revenue to skyrocket to more than $440 million since its launch. This then brings us to the many requests Pokemon Go followers have to keep the game in the top spot.

One of the most awaited Pokemon Go features everyone has been waiting for is the addition of new Pokemon from the Johto Region. But how can Niantic introduce second generation Pokemon? Here are some of the suggested ways Otakukart have mentioned:

Pokemon Go Region Selection

We have to admit, introducing a hundred new Pokemon into Pokemon Go can be a bit overwhelming. It would probably best for Niantic to let players choose which region to appear by adding a checkbox in the settings for each Region or Generation. So whichever region the player chooses, this would determine the Pokemon that would wildly appear. This way, if the player would want to complete Kanto first before moving on to the Johto region, they can focus on that generation. If the player wants to get overwhelmed, somehow, they can also choose two or more regions to spawn at the same time.

Gradual Addition

How about gradually adding new Pokemon into Pokemon Go? This would be completely logical for Niantic instead of introducing the whole second generation of Pokemon all at the same time. This again would prevent players to convulse from too many new Pokemon to study.

Pokemon Go Starter Selection

Pokemon Go can also introduce Pokemon Second Generation by adding a feature that will let you pick which region you want to start off when you log into the game for the first time. So if they select Johto region, they would expect to chase after Cyndauil or Chikorita. And if they want to go with the Kanto region instead, Charmander or Bulbasaur would wildly appear.

Pokemon Go Increased Storage

When Pokemon Go new update would add the second gen Pokemon, players will be required to have more room for storage. Niantic would then have to increase the number of Pokemon you can store. But if the player who's rich enough to have already bought the Pokemon Storage Upgrade in the shop then they would retain that boost.

Pokemon Go might surprise us one day and introduce the Second Gen Pokemon, here's why you should save candies:

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