Clash Of Clans October Update Is Coming Next Week?

Clash of Clans is still one of the best mobile games of today. And with the impending release of a huge update, Supercell is looking to make the game a lot more interesting. The next patch was supposed to be a thing last month in September, but unfortunately, it didn't arrive. And now, there are rumors that the studio is planning to finally release it come next week.

In the official forum site of the company, Supercell revealed that they're working rigorously so as to deliver the upcoming Clash of Clans update. It's said to introduce a good number of massive changes as well as hefty features. In fact, brand new structures and defenses are also promised to arrive.

Nevertheless, Clash of Clans fans are more interested to know when the next update will arrive. While the features revealed are quite promising, they sure would love to have an idea when they can experience them. Well, as reported by iDigitalTimes, the rumored release could be anytime from October 11 onwards.

As for the aforementioned new Clash of Clans structure, a new bomb tower is expected to arrive. It's an excellent defense for sure, especially for those attacking troops. It's said to sport with some impressive splash damage, giving the player a huge advantage.

Moreover, the Clash of Clans bomb tower tends to offer an epic finale. If it gets destroyed, it explodes into a fiery inferno-like attack. As a result, any enemy troops around it are heavily damaged. This is definitely an easy favorite, particularly on Clan Wars.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, a new Clash of Clans mode is also set to be featured. It's called the Clan Challenge mode, which allows players to set up various friendly wars within their respective clans. The rules are somewhat similar to Clan Wars'.

As of this writing, Supercell has to shed some light on the forthcoming Clash of Clans October update. As a result, the anticipation continues. Nevertheless, further details are expected to surface, as the studio has started giving out info on the said update.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Clash of Clans October update? What are your expectations? What features do you want to see? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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