FIFA 17 In Hot Water For Using A Real Person's Twitter Handle

FIFA 17 is one of the most popular games this year. So popular that they are now in hot water after it has been discovered that they are using a real person's Twitter handle.

The said Twitter handle the has been using was @CalWong which reportedly belongs to a certain Calvin Wong, who happens to be a Cartoon Network storyboarder. When Wong discovered it, he took to Twitter and released a few choice words for EA, the game developer.

The Twitter handle appeared on FIFA 17's Journey mode where a supposed fictional character with the Twitter handle @CalWong sent the game's main character, Alex Hunter a message thanking him for the autograph. A friend of the real Cal Wong found it and tipped him about it.

After his FIFA 17 Twitter rant, Wong issued more tweets calling EA's attention and demanding them to admit that they were wrong for not being diligent enough to confirm whether they are using real accounts or not.

"I work at Cartoon Network and every time we make up a character in a show, we make sure that it’s cleared legally. A cursory search of my ID @CalWong brings me up instantly. The fact that nobody at EA [was] smart enough to do that is ridiculous," Wong said in an email to Kotaku.

Wong did not hear from EA, not until his lawyer contacted FIFA 17 game developer. After that, EA sent an email apologizing to Wong saying the fictional Twitter handle was accidental. They also assured Wong that they will patch him out from the game.

All's well that ends well but that had not been the case for Wong. Before EA issued an apology, Wong had already received a lot of hate and racist tweets criticizing him for his actions. One tweet even said that he should just behave because the game is bigger than him.

EA could have saved a person the frustration if they had been responsible enough to make a simple Google search. What do you think about this FIFA 17 issue?

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