Destiny Rise Of Iron Update: Prepare For Upcoming Heroic Mode

Destiny: Rise of Iron players will have a new Heroic mode coming soon. Bungie is expected to release this new mode anytime this October.

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Wrath of the Machine

The Wrath of the Machine raid has been completed by a number of Destiny players. Some Clans have managed to finish the Wrath of the Machine raid in less than two hours. This is probably the reason why Destiny game developer Bungie has announced the upcoming release of the Heroic mode.

Interestingly, the first team to finish the Wrath of the Machine Raid in less than two hours is Team Redeem. These Destiny players completed it two weeks ago and were congratulated by Bungie. A short while later two more Destiny teams achieved the same feat.

Winners of the Wrath of the Machine raid are given special weapons and items and opportunity to increase their lights above the 385 limit. The developer has opened the possibility that the light limit will be raise to 400. It is likely that winners of the heroic mode will received this special reward, according to pvplive.

Wrath of the Machine - Heroic Mode Details

Destiny players should expect that the upcoming Heroic Mode will be a little tougher than the previous modes. Bungie has release vague details on what to expect from this new mode. Destiny players will "venture below the Plaguelands, find and destroy Aksis.

Players are advised to level up and increase their present light, team up and eliminate Aksis. But the mission does not end there. Teams will be confronted with an obstacle that test their skills and prowess in battle.

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Heroic Mode Release Date

Bungie is set to release the new Heroic Mode on October 18 to give players the chance to prepare and level up on their XP. See you at the Wrath of the Machine - Heroic Mode.

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