Brangelina Divorce Update: Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigation To Close; FBI Finds No Such Case

Is actor Brad Pitt being treated with kid's gloves or was the accusation that there was physical and verbal abuse involving 15-year-old Maddox - the eldest child of Pitt and estranged wife Angelina Jolie - a mere fabrication? Reports indicate the FBI has no case against Pitt since no investigation apparently was even done.

The L.A. County's Department of Children and Family Services initiated an investigation that the actor hit his teenage son while aboard a private jet. The department informed the LAPD, which in turn endorsed the matter to the FBI since it has jurisdiction over such matters, TMZ reported.

Still In Fact-Gathering Phase?

However, the entertainment website cited its sources in law enforcement that FBI did not even open a probe since the case should not have been referred to the investigation agency. TMZ was informed that the case is expected to fizzle out, although FBI's official position is it is still in the fact-gathering stage and not yet reached the investigation phase.

It seems the weakness of the so-called physical abuse allegation is due to Maddox not having any injuries since Pitt's contact with his son was not intentional, based on what witnesses on the aircraft say.

No Point Sending Pitt To Jail

Even Jolie is said to be not interested in sending her husband to jail but only in protecting her six children, which explains why she got full physical custody of the kids under a parenting plan agreement the couple reach, pending the court deciding on Jolie's divorce application.

With the agreement, Pitt finally was able to spend some time with the child since Sept. 19, the day Jolie filed for divorce. The 52-year-old actor would do whatever it takes to be with his kids because Pitt "loves the children more than anything in this world, and they matter more than anything else to him," a source close to Pitt told People.

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