Maserati To Launch EV Car In 2020

It seems that automobile makers are moving on from old model cars. Almost every car makers are releasing electronic vehicles of their own. The car makers have one agenda and that is to create an environment-friendly cars.

One of the European car makers, Volkswagen had launched its electronic car on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Maserati is following the footsteps of several automobile makers.

Maserati Will Release An EV On 2020

Maserati, an Italian luxury automaker has announced that it will be releasing an electronic vehicle on 2020. It is also a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler (FCA).

FCA engineering boss Roberto Fedeli, wants to create the EV as soon as possible. Fedeli recently said in an interview on Car & Driver, "I think that we could show something before 2020. Maybe 2019. We are working to be ready with something that we can show during the next couple of years."

He also said that Maserati's EV will not be an SUV or a large sedan, but it will be a grand-tourer instead, in The Verge reported.

Though Maserati was the last to launch an EV for its company, the auto maker said that the car will be something special. Fedeli also said that their EV will be very much different from Tesla, which is only a top EV producer.

"The execution and quality of the products of Tesla are the same as a German OEM in the 1970s," he claimed. "Their solutions are not the best."

EV Is The Newest Offer Of Any Car Company

Car makers are making sure that the next vehicles they will produce will have the same quality or better quality with their old models even if it is a challenge because electronic vehicles are very different with the old version of the cars, according to Tech Crunch.

There will be serious competition arising between the car makers. 

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