Walkthrough With Destiny: Rise of Iron – Tips For Iron Banner Supremacy

The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny: Rise of Iron, and it's better and more rewarding than ever. Don't be afraid to jump right in; we'll share our secrets with you.

Things have modified since the last Iron Banner. There's no tempered buff, so you won't earn more experience by waiting for the final days of the event. Supremacy makes for a change of speed from Clash and Control. The rewards have been reduced so you won't be lingering them around for months incomplete. The inflow of new players means it's all a bit less explicit than it was in the final days of The Taken King.

Pick Up The Quests And Weekly Bounties

If you haven't already, stop by the Iron temple and speak with Saladin prolog to Efreet. She'll give you some quests, which compensate you with loot, and offer choices of bounties.

Efreet is also selling this month's Iron Banner loot if you want to infuse it up instantly rather than wait for drops or got some garbage. Oh, and stop by Shaxx for the weekly Ordeal bounty - Iron Banner pairs don't count for your Rise of Iron Record Book, but they do tally for this.

Get Your Light As High As Possible

Power is important in Iron Banner. If you find yourself taking one shot all the time while your arms seem to gently pet the enemy, check out your related Light levels. Yep, there's an issue: Iron Banner isn't level adapted like regular Crucible matches are. Also: the superior your Light, the better your drops are and quest grants.

Shotguns Over Snipers

You could also test side-arms and fusion rifles as your special, but both take a little more tact to wield successfully. A shotgun, on the other hand, works well even when you're in a dreadful situation.

Follow The leader

Superiority is very much a group style. If you go, loner, you'll find yourself "swapping" more often than not - choosing a single target but dying almost instantly, giving each team the same amount of points. Working collaborate in packs is a much better idea.

Consider A Roaming Super Subclass

We know you have difficulty in finishing Thorn bounty but put your Night stalkers and Defenders away: what you want to spare from is the ability to take down a horde of enemies all at once, enabling you to collect all their crests, instead of just getting one killed.

Evidently, you can take down multiple Guardians with a leash or a bubble, but it's not as dependable as breaking out Arc Blade or Storm call. In a fire team, you might want to arrange it so at least one person has good single shot arms for countering enemy weaponry, but if you're solo, you're better off going for packs.

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