European Commission To Secure The Internet Community

The Internet of Things is an important initiative- yet it comes with a lot of problems. The Euporean Commission has made necessary steps in order to solve these issues by emphasizing on security. The European Commission focuses on 'approved and secure' devices in terms of Internet usage. The Commission also stressed on the importance of enterprises labelling these systems.

In order to guide these initiatives, templates will be released- similar to how appliances are rated in terms of consumption of energy.

It will take only a matter of time before these guidelines are submitted to the IoT industry. The new regulations will also will also take part in revisiting the telecom laws of the European Union in general.

These new rules are expected to be released. A powerful malware called Mirai has infected IoT devices across the world. The threat has bothered many seriously.

Officials have initially dealt with the issue of the malware however there is a probability that the toolkits will again come up in the succeeding months.

To date. the default setup of Internet-connected devices still use the username and password. These devices are first and easy targets of Internet threats- as it is convenient to bypass any security.

The main target of the attacks are IP cameras, DVRs and similar products.

Some of these devices may not be that powerful- however they are still being used to execute DDoS attacks.

Oftentimes, changing the username and password is not always the immediate solution. Most owners would result to these solution by using the machines web interface which in fact still remains vulnerable to attacks. Unfortunately, no there is no standard yet on how password changes will be secure in Internet-connected devices.

European Commission therefore plans to solve this issue by adding security. Bitcoin users will also greatly benefit from this since they also rely on IoT devices to store funds.

The main point id, it is useless to trust a device that can be easily hacked with the least effort.

The European Commission aims to restrict which devices can only connect to the Internet officially.

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