Germany To Ban Combustion Engines By 2030, May Extend To All EU Member Countries

Legislative body Bundesrat has recently passed a resolution to ban combustion engines in Germany. Vehicles with such engines will not be allowed by 2030. Bundesrat has also asked the European Union (EU) to enforce the same rule in all EU member countries.

The Ban On Gas And Diesel-powered Cars

According to German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, Bundesrat will only permit the use of zero-emission passenger vehicles. Apparently, the ban will help to reduce carbon emissions.

Fossil fuel-burning vehicles have contributed to 15 percent of global emissions, according to The Christian Science Monitor. However, this will not be enforced easily. As a member country, the said ban still has to go through the EU. It has to be approved by the international body.

Otherwise, they cannot implement this in Germany. Bundesrat has already appealed to EU Commission in Brussels. It's now up to EU whether to pass the said mandate or not.

Germany's Strong Influence On EU Regulations

There's a good chance that EU will eventually authorize the ban. The country's strong influence on EU regulations will work in their favor. According to Forbes, Germany has inspired EU regulations over the years.

Another advantage is the current transition of combustion engines to all-electronic ones. This is evident with famous automakers BMW, Volkswagen and TeslaE.

Tax Incentives For Zero-Emission Cars

According to Engadget, Bundesrat has also requested EU to review taxation policies. This includes the effect of such taxes on the stimulation of emission-free mobility. It may give more tax incentives to buyers of zero-emission cars.

It's also possible that tax breaks will be eliminated for diesel cars in EU countries.

The German magazine also mentioned that higher taxes will only cause the demise of fuel diesel. It seems that half of the cars in Europe are diesel-driven. This is because diesel fuels have a lower price. It also offers higher mileage per liter.

Europeans will have to wait until the decision is final. It will take some time before electric cars are able to fully replaced the old-school combustion engines.


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