Maserati Will Launch Electric Vehicle By 2020

Maserati has announced that it is working on developing its first electric car that is expected to arrive on the market by 2020.

Maserati Electric Car

Ubergizmo reports that more the conventional car manufacturers are considering now to involve in the electric car market. Several automakers have recently announced their plans to develop cars for the electric vehicles segment. Maserati, a division of Fiat Chrysler, is just the latest top car company to join the trend as well.

Maserati, an Italian carmaker, is mainly known for its luxury cars that cater to affluent customers. The upcoming electric car will the first from Maserati but Fiat Chrysler's second electric vehicle, after the Fiat 500e that came on the market only in limited quantity. The plans to launch the Maserati EV vehicle by 2020 were confirmed by Roberto Fedeli, Fiat Chrysler engineering head in an interview with Car and Driver.

According to Fedeli, Maserati's first electric car could be a low-volume model of a grand tourer. The upcoming car will be a challenge for Maserati, as the company had always a promise of high performance and a signature engine note. But since electric cars are so different than cars with conventional engines, Maserati will have to come up with something attractive for its customers.

Maserati Brand Signature

According to Digital Trends, the Italian carmaker is already a bit late in announcing its own EV plans, but the company is more concerned about doing things better than its competitors rather than being worried about doing things first. Fedeli said that Maserati will have to come with something different and "won't be making a Telsa copycat." He also added that in his opinion Tesla's solutions are not the best and their cars are not the best product on the market

Fedeli also explained that the Italian automaker will try to engineer a best-in-class solution by giving it a Maserati character and make it feel like a typical luxury Maserati car. The electric car will not only be green and efficient but will also keep the on-brand signature and Maserati sports car feel.

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