Why PlayStation 4 Pro Is The Best Console Experience For The Family This Holiday Season

As the official release of the newest PlayStation 4 Pro is approaching, more and more details regarding Sony's new flagship are surfacing on the internet which gives us insights about how the newest console upgrade will play a role in the gaming industry in the future. And today, we'll be giving you the reasons why you should be getting an upgrade for your family this holiday season.

PS4 Pro Power and Graphics Upgrade

One of the reasons why getting a console upgrade for your family is its ability to maximize your 4K TV, making a better and livelier gaming experience for you and your loved ones. PlayStation 4 offers HDR and 4K support which mean that videos and games are a lot crispier and more detailed than the older version. Colors are now more enhanced and elaborate than ever. To put this into perspective, dark settings (areas) are much darker and bright settings are now even brighter. If your kids love to play survival horror games such as Resident Evil (which by the way, will be having a remastered series this October), they'll enjoy a whole lot more suspense and thrills thanks to the vibrant colors entailed by HDR or 4K.

Experience Immersive Playstation Virtual Reality

Another feature that will come for all PlayStation 4 and above owners is the PSVR. PlayStation VR is set to be released this coming Oct.13 that lets users experience virtual reality on their console games (PS 4 and PS 4 Pro). If you already have your own 4K TV or are planning to buy one, you can maximize this headset VR in high definition thanks to its HDR support. Now, playing with your kids in an action adventure can be a whole lot of fun!

Holiday PlayStation Games Sale

We all know that there are a lot of games out there that are PS exclusive only. And a lot of these games are certainly going to be on sale for the next couple of weeks especially with the holiday season nearing around the corner. Investing on the new upgrade will let you experience the best quality of these games which are also likely to come with an update in the near future in order to support HDR and 4K resolution as well.

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