'Star Wars 8' Spoilers, Release Date, Updates: Naomi Scott Among Three Frontrunners For Han Solo Lead Role

Along with the numerous speculations accompanied by the most awaited release of "Star War 8", reports have it that Han Solo might be surprisingly alive, either as himself or as a woman who might take over the role.

Being one of the most loved characters of the "Star Wars" franchise, a lot of fans were devastated when his character, Han Solo, departed on "Star Wars": The Force Awakens when Kylo Ren's lightsaber stabbed him.

Forbes noted that the character's death is so tragical that fans are speculating over Han Solo's return for  "Star Wars 8". Reports also have it that the possibility for a woman to take over the role is significant

It was revealed that there are three frontrunners for the female role of Han Solo, namely Tessa Thompson, Zoe Kravitz, and Naomi Scott, all of which are very highly talented and deserves a slot as Han Solo.

Tessa Thompson has been part of the "Creed" and an indie project "Dear White People".  She played as Jackie Cook on "Veronica Mars" which is a TV series and is also taking part in the upcoming Marvel movie "Thor: Ragnarok" playing Valkyrie.

On the other hand, Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, has been part of many fantastic movies such as "Mad Max: Fury Road", "Divergent Series", "After Earth", and  "X-Men: First Class". 

Another frontrunner is Naomi Scott who is famous for her role in the "Terra Nova", a Steven Spielberg- produced TV show. Scott is also known to play the part of Kimberly/Pink Ranger for the "Power Rangers" movie.

It is a fact that no matter who among this girls would play the part of Han Solo for  "Star Wars 8" fans will enjoy the film as they are all great actresses should surely give justice to the role.

"Star Wars 8"  is expected to air on 2017 and "Star Wars Han Solo" will begin filming in January 2017 to be released on May 25, 2018.

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