Why PlayStation 4 Pro Is Better Than Xbox Project Scorpio

The two console giants of today's generation, Sony and Microsoft will once again clash for dominance in the next few months with the upcoming release of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Project Scorpio, respectively. Earlier this year, Sony has announced their newest console upgrade the PlayStation 4 Pro which will feature support for HDR and 4K, making use of the mainstream HD resolution for modern TVs and monitors. Following the Japanese multinational corporation's statement, in the latest E3 event, Phil Spencer, the current head of the Xbox team has announced the release of the latest upgrade of their current console, the Xbox One S. Basically, the new console upgrade will feature support for 4K and HDR and also has some minor improvements in the hardware department. In short, it's a more efficient and powerful Xbox One.

But the real deal comes when the head of the Xbox department announced an ongoing project that will finally nail the coffin against its longtime rival. The current project, dubbed Project Scorpio, is said to outrank PlayStation 4 Pro when it comes to power and efficiency.

But will that be the case, is PS4 Pro better than Project Scorpio? Many critics still doubting and here are the reasons why:

PlayStation 4 Pro is more than just HDR

Aside from the console's feature of HDR support, PlayStation had made a huge step in console development upon the introduction of the PlayStation VR which will also make use of the latest trend of virtual reality and incorporate it into the PS 4 Pro. Aside from immersive gaming experience, users are also able to maximize the use of their 4K TVs which, for some people that have high-end devices, is a deal-breaker when it comes to console gaming.

Although the Project Scorpio will also come with a VR feature, it's still debatable how this will go against the PSVR considering the fact that details regarding the Project Scorpio and its VR headset are still clouded with mystery. But it is speculated that Project Scorpio will be the 'most powerful console' to be released in the market when it ships.

But before jumping into conclusions, it is important to note that even in the past, it's widely known that hardware is just a half of the story when it comes to a consumer's perspectives. Factors like exclusive games and additional features will also play a major role in deciding which console a consumer is going to purchase.

Note that PlayStation still dominates the current console market today and undeniably has more exclusive games in their arsenal. It would take Project Scorpio some several new key features in order to outrank PlayStation 4 Pro and until further details regarding Xbox's new console arise, we can only speculate about how it'll go against the newest flagship of Sony's PlayStation.

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