'Prison Break' Season 5 Spoilers, News & Updates: Michael, Lincoln Face More Danger; Enemy-Turned-Ally Is Brothers’ New Adversary?

Latest spoilers about the highly anticipated "Prison Break" season 5 tease that fans can expect more action and thrill from the reboot series. The upcoming season is also expected to have more puzzle-solving situations for brothers Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) as well as their friends. The group will face more danger than ever and will struggle not in leaving the prison cell but in leaving Yemen.

The new season of "Prison Break" will show Lincoln and Sarah Tancredi teaming up to help Michael esape prison. The series' writer Vaun Wilmott teased a scene from season 5 through a photo he posted on Twitter last week. The post, which he captioned, "Michael on the monitor. Looking for a way out. 'Prison Break' is back! @PrisonBreak @PBWritersRoom," hinted at Michael's attempt of escaping from his new prison cell.  

According to Melty, the biggest challenge that Michael will have to face in the upcoming season is not how to escape from the Ogygia Prison since he already broke out of two different prisons in the past seasons. The previous stories of "Prison Break" showed how smart Michael can be in finding a way out of any prison. In season 1, Michael was introduced as a structural engineer which basically explained why getting out of prison mazes was easy for him.

It is said that the brothers and their friends will meet the biggest danger in ther mission as they try to get out of Yemen. Previous rumors revealed that Michael had been involved in a secret organization which was speculated to be linked to the ISIS. The group is involved in illegal transactions which is guessed by fans to be the reason behind Michael's imprisonment.

Other speculations suggest that the same organization whom Scofield worked for will hunt him down upon escape from jail. Michael supposedly holds information about the illegal transactions happening between the organization and the government. This is also viewed by fans as a reason for Lincoln's rumored death in "Prison Break" season 5.

Meanwhile, spoilers say Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) might go against the brothers once again. To recall, Paul first appeared in "Prison Break" season 2 where he had been a part of several conspiracies and murders. However, after he faked his own death, he came back in season 4 as a changed man that he even collaborated with the brothers to take the Company down. Writers of "Prison Break" season 5 teased, "Paul will be around, but will he be helping or hurting? That is the question. You never know with that guy." Another rumor even said Paul is Sara Tancredi's new husband.

The connection of Paul to the group that will hunt Michael and Lincoln down, or his relationship with Sara is yet to be revealed as "Prison Break" season 5 returns on Fox TV by spring 2017.

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