Google Home Pros and Cons: Is It Worth It?

Google Home was the talk of the town since Oct. 4. The tech giant is very determined to beat Amazon's Echo. Even if people are still questioning the smart home device offered by the California tech company, it is very positive that it will be the top choice for smart home devices.

Why Choose Google Home?

Google Home is obviously cheaper than Amazon Echo by $50. Google Home can connect with Chromecast's ability to play video on television. If there are other Google products at home, Home will be able to play sounds or music connected to it. Also, it offers assistance to smart home products. Lastly, it is powered by Google Assistant that basically can assist the user for his convenience, in a video from CNET.

Google Home's efficiency compared to Amazon's Echo is more helpful because it can solve even the simplest household problem. Comparing Alexa's assistance to Google Assistant, the former can offer less help than the latter.

The smart home device can also assist with the traffic by the help of Google Maps. Google Home is certainly appealing to the consumers because of the company that created it that is the reason why people are looking forward for its availability on the market, according to Inquisitr.

Google Home's Limits

Google Home has its cons, of course. First is having the same functions as the $50 Amazon Echo Dot. Second, lack of partners prior to its introduction to the public and lastly, it is a first-home generation hardware, which means it is not affordable for everyone.

Even if Google Home is more helpful than Echo, it seems that the former has certain limitations like being unable to connect and to handle different smart home products that will help its productivity, in a report on Digital Trends.

"We've partnered with Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, and IFTTT to voice-enable your lights, switches, and thermostats. You can control individual devices, rooms, or your whole house. We'll be constantly adding more partners over time," said Rishi Chandra, Google's project lead for Chromecast on what it can it offer to the consumers.

Consumers have to think twice before purchasing Google Home. With limited partners and lack of immediate access with the partnered companies, the smart home device has still partial control around the house.

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