Snapchat Stories To Undergo An Overhaul

Snapchat users are now actually excited over these coming changes as a lot of them do not like how the current version of Snapchat Stories works. The current version has the auto-advancing feature that forces Snapchatters to watch other random stories after playing a new story.

This is great news for Snapchatters who are constantly complaining about two of its infamous features, auto-advancing and Discover, as Snapchat will again rework these features for the better.  This makes it very possible to watch something X-rated and then an athletic motivational video, according to a report published on Engadget.

The other feature, Discover stories, currently appears on top of the app where users may unintentionally tap it and play an ad.

The Update Details

Snapchat will now stop the auto-advance feature and replace it with a customizable playlist called "Stories Playlist," according to Mashable. The playlist is like an optional version of auto-advancing stories, but with total control as users are able to fully personalize what videos should play.

The other update is simply about where the sponsored Discover stories is going to be placed. Unlike before where it is on the top most of the app, the update will change that to the bottom most - under friends.

Take note, ads will still be in between clips on the new feature, Stories Playlist.

This simply shows how humble and how sincere is Snapchat at keeping their users happy. Snapchat stated in a blog post, "Unfortunately, this change made it impossible to individually choose which Story to watch. Sometimes we just want to see what our close friends or family are up to - not all of our friends - and Auto Advance prevented that."

The update is said to apply soon through all users. For now, only a select group within the Android community will have this experience.

"Starting today for select Snapchatters in our Android community and rolling out soon across all Android and iOS, the Auto Advance feature will be removed to give you control of your Story viewing experience once again!"

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