'Suits' Season 6 Return Date & Spoilers: Update On Mike And Rachel, Another Character Leaving The Series

"Suits", in all its previous seasons, has been a huge success. But, Season 6 has been the most controversial, as fans are eager to know what could happen in the series as Gina Torres and Gabriel Macht leave the show.

With Gina clearing all news regarding her existence in the show, another character is said to wave his final goodbye in the show, that is details according to Breathe Cast. Harvey Spencer, played by Gabriel Macht, was speculated to leave the show. The rumors revolving this started when Gina exited the hit series. In contrast with the news, a recent article showing that the exit of Gabriel might not push through because of the renegotiations happening between him and the producers of the hit show.

Also, fans of the character, Jessica Pearson, should never be saddened because Aaron Korsh, the showrunner of Suits, is open about the character returning anytime soon. Aaron stated that there could be a platform for her to go back in the show for the succeeding seasons. This is definitely something to look forward to these coming days for all avid fans out there.

With characters going out of the series, fans can't still wait to see if Rachel and Mike would be saying "I do" to each other this season. With the series' past scenes that proved their love for each other, marriage could be the ultimate proof of their undying love and commitment for each other.

The upcoming season would be so much interesting for its fans and supporters all over the globe.

To get a glimpse of what happened in "Suits",check out the video below.

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