'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoofed By SNL; Lucas' Parents Revealed

The season 1 of Stranger Things got so much following but left so many questions unanswered like where is 011? What is her connection to the Upside Down? is there justice for Barb?

Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of SNL answered one of the frequently asked questions by Stranger Things fans: what are Lucas's parents like?

According to Vanity Fair, the "Duffer Brothers" introducing a sneak peek of Season 2, where they explain that not including Lucas's parents was "a little oversight on our part." In the clip, it shows the three best friends (Lucas, Dustin. and Mike) on their back on the way to The Upside Down. Lin-Manuel Miranda, as Dustin said that he's scared that the Demogorgon might eat them, but Lucas, played by Sasheer Zamata, told him that there's nothing to be afraid of except maybe that of Lucas' parents, played by Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones, whom Lucas is definitely frightened of.

The scene depicts the argument of the family when they mention Demogorgon. Jones said that Lucas should not be friends with the two. "It's like the normal world, but it's scarier, and with danger at every turn." Lucas explained. "Baby, people who look like us already live in the Upside Down." Jones replied. Jones told the kids that if they are going to an adventure, they should have their parent with them. Eleven, played by Kate McKinnon, tried to use her powers to prevent Lucas' parents from intervening

According to NME, Matt Duffer explained that "We obviously have this gate to another dimension, which is still very much open in the town of Hawkins. And a lot of questions there in terms of, if the Monster is dead, was it a singular monster? What else could be out there?"

Season two is getting more and more exciting. There are so many problems to be solved and as Matt Duffer said "What else could be there?"

Here's the sneak peek of Season 2 in SNL:

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