Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Accused Of Racism: Plans Of Boycott Arose; Featurette Video Released

One of the issues the people have been raising about the upcoming Marvel film "Doctor Strange" is that it's heavily whitewashed. They casted Tilda Swinton instead of a more culturally appropriate Tibetan character i.e. her character as "The Ancient One." When the first trailer of the film was dropped on the web, several fans said castng Swinto is "racist."

To Boycott Or Not To Boycott - We Are But At An Impasse

Although the character of "The Ancient" one was originally Tibetan in the comics, Swinton said in her defense that "The Ancient One" is a title that is not exclusively held by any one character, but rather a moniker passed down through time." She also added that for someone who has a queer aesthetic, fans' protests for diversity are always welcome.

She noted that taking on the role of "The Ancient One" is not bad casting on Marvel's part as it departs from the source material in terms of her being a woman. Tilda Swinton won't apologize for her role in Doctor Strange as she stresses that Marvel has a very strong record of casting diverse characters that departs from stereotypes.

Some fans; however, are still convinced that what happened was an act of racial discrimination toward Tibetan culture in general. They had issues with Marvel casting another white male as lead i.e. Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange at a film which relies heavily upon Asian Culture in terms of lore and aesthetics. But casting Tilda Swinton in a role that was initially a Tibetan character was the last straw to some of them.

These fans called for the boycott of "Doctor Strange" when it airs on cinemas this coming November 4, 2016, even advising that if people really wish to see it, download for a pirated version instead. They've had enough and would like to stick it into the proverbial man by refusing to see the film in theaters and thus would like to avoid giving Marvel even more money to produce more allegedly white washed films. Either Marvel stop- or they watch Justice League.

Most fans; however, seemed decided on either ignoring the issue or defending the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its diverse entirety. The fan base are split in half. Those who see some problems in the indusrty and those who simply don't care. The real question is, are you going to boycott "Doctor Strange" or not?

In other news, Marvel recently released a featurette for Doctor Strange to celebrate the 10 minute free sneak peek; which will be released on IMAX tonight. Watch the video below.

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