EU Regulators Won´t Investigate Google Tax Deals

Google is not going to have problems with tax issues from the European Commission from an uncertain period of time, as it was told by the Commission´s antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager on Monday, since the European Union´s regulators didn't extend their scrutiny to Google´s tax deal with national authorities.

Although this could be seen as a clear display of complacency toward a powerful multinational, the truth is that this indulgence with the taxes will last until they finished the other investigation they running against the hi-tech company, which is to determine if they area busing its market dominance in search and mobile software to be ahead of their competitors, as reported by CNET.

Google´s luck

However, this represents a little bit of luck for Google, considering that not being in Vestager´s radar is a big release for any big company, since she has been famous for being effective in her job. According to Reuters, she ordered Starbuck to pay up to $34 million to the Dutch tax office, and Apple up to $14 billion in back taxes to Ireland.

Nevertheless, Vestager told that this was a top priority case for her, and defend the slow pace of the Commission´s antitrust cases against Google.

Google could pay a multi millionaire back tax deal

"I am as sorry as you and everyone else that antitrust work is taking a lot of time, but it is also a sign that this is a case that is building in its strength as well as a case which is of course strictly following our procedures to make sure that also here we build up the rule of law," Vestager told Reuters earlier on Monday.

According to CNET, the Scottish National Party sent a letter to the European Commision related o a Google millionaire back tax deal with the British authorities. When the investigation is complete, the hi-tech multinational would have to face a big problem.

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