Dota 2 Update And Release Dates: The Fall 2016 Battle Pass

Valve, game developer and publisher, has recently launched the first Battle Pass. Battle Pass is best known for its massive online battle arena (MOBA) game for "Dota 2, the latest season. This launching has better been known as The Fall 2016 Battle Pass.

"Undertake Quests that expand and challenge your Dota skills, win Wagers to add extra Battle Points to your victory haul, and earn Achievements as you complete your objectives, all while increasing your Battle Level to unlock a stream of rewards and treasures throughout the Battle Pass season," as announced by Valve.

For the many fans who wish to get their hands on The Fall 2016 Battle Pass, they can now start placing their orders in the "Dota 2" store.

Prices start at $7.99. The preview of the The Fall 2016 Battle Pass can be found in the game's official website. This can be downloaded via Steam, Valve's gaming store platform.

Aside from the new and exciting achievements and rewards, fans also get the chance to try out another great feature of the game. Valve confirmed that The Fall 2016 Battle Pass will feature Battle Cup, a weekly tournament.

After the launch of The International 2016 Compendium last May, the Battle Cup was introduced into the game.

"Party up to compete in an eight-team, single-elimination playoff bracket every Saturday for a chance to win treasures, levels and other exclusive rewards," the developer said on its blog post. We've added a new party builder tool to help you stack up a team of five willing challengers, and Battle Pass owners can now earn Achievements as they raise their Battle Cup scores," explained Valve.

Battle Pass will run with Dota 2 until Dec. 12, when another update is expected.

Further news is expected regarding The Fall 2016 Battle Pass in the coming days.

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