Pokemon GO Tips And Tricks: How To Become The Best Trainer In The World

We all want to be the very best and it's hard to be the only one if everyone else are aiming for the title. So playing Pokemon GO is ultimately a hard climb to the top if you want to be like "no one ever was." So here's how to win at Pokemon GO.

The Road To Becoming The Very Best

Play The Game Honestly. Sure you can download third party apps to spoof your GPS location, but this takes the most fun out of the game and its intended use. Pokemon GO does advises you to go get out and have fun searching for Pokemon outside. Many players have stumbled upon interesting discoveries and amazing landmarks all in the comfort of their own backyard - or town, just because they played Pokemon GO. They saw things that have always been there and were otherwise they wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for that Voltorb.

Play The Game Safely. Safety is still top priority for you and your Pokemon. Niantic wouldn't want you getting hurt all because you had your eyes glued to the phone - as many other players have already experienced. They didn't put that giant art of Gyarados at the loading screen for nothing. Take notice of your surroundings and be aware while playing Pokemon GO.

It's also advised that you don't play the game alone - play with friends. Hunt Pokemon in pairs, this doesn't only keep you safe, it also let your friends catch every Pokemon that appears within the area.

Visit Cities. Busy streets not only have unlimited Poke Stops at every corner, these Poke Stops are sometimes clustered together. These cluster are bound to have other players dropping lure modules consistently, you may not even have to use yours. Stay in that spot, keep walking around all the while spinning the Poke Stops every time they refresh and catch those Pokemon that will now have an increased rate of popping up.

Stay Tuned For Pokemon GO Updates. It pays to be updated about the latest news and updates in the game. Some players aren't interested about that and might be surprised about new features when they open their Pokemon GO app after it updated automatically. Keeping tabs with the latest news won't leave you guessing how the new features will work.

Take Note Of The Types Of Pokemon. Battling in gyms is a good way to earn Poke Coins. You can win against higher level CP opponents if you utilize their type. Remember which they type are weak and strong against. Like Normal type is weak against Fighting type Pokemon or Fire are weak against water. Use this to your advantage and you'll find it's easier to battle against those Gym Trainers.

In other news, here's a legal way to get free coins in Pokemon GO:

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