Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Still Postponed; Viz Media Plans New Manga Series

The much anticipated next chapter of Hunter X Hunter, Chapter 361, still doesn't have a definite schedule when it will be released, much to fans' chagrin. This is due to the illustrator and creator of the manga Yoshihiro Togashi's continuous unwell state. Togahashi has been experiencing severe back pain and advised to have a complete rest until he's able to work again.

Viz Media Plans On New Manga Series

Viz Media is the producer of the manga show and the hiatus has been cause for airing delays and blows to their budget. Since they plan on waiting for Yoshihiro Togashi's recovery, the company seems to be planning on a new manga series. Rumor has it that the production company are looking for a new team to device an entirely new plot and series to replace Hunter X Hunter on air.

Dropping Hunter X Hunter completely is no question to the company as the series has been hugely popular toward everyone - even long time fans of the series since the 90's. They'd rather wait for Yoshihiro Togashi's recovery. So it's a big possibility that they found coming up with a new manga series is better in avoiding a financial catastrophe. Either they are loyal to Togashi's work or wouldn't trust anyone else to handle the illustration of the manga. As to what new series they plan on airing is still a mystery.

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga series - Japanese comics read left to right basically - written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It was released back in 1998 and is one of the longest running manga series. But due to its several hiatuses that sometimes would go one for months or years over the course of its popularity, the manga only accumulated over 33 volumes and exactl 360 chapters.

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