5 Best PlayStation VR Games To Watch Out For

The most awaited first-ever console Playstation VR will finally launch this October 13 and fans all over the world are now engrossed on the new immersive gaming experience on the market, even surpassing the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive when it comes to hype thanks to console's sheer amount of devoted fans.

With the release of the new PlayStation VR, an extensive list of games comes along with it which can be overwhelming even for a dedicated fan. And today, we've gathered some of the best games which are worth checking to maximize and enjoy your virtual reality experience.

Batman: Arkham PlayStation VR

Considered to be the most anticipated game which will come together with the PlayStation VR is the Batman: Arkham VR. This game literally takes you wearing the cape of the famous 'hunter of the night.' But reviewers advise the fans that although it's one of the best VR games out there, one shouldn't expect much for the new Batman franchise as the vast majority of the game takes you in detective work solving a murder mystery meaning you're most likely bound in the same place for the majority of your time. Although actions like grappling hook and Batarang throws are included to make the game even more dynamic and fun to play. Overall, it's one of the hottest games to be released with the PSVR.


Coming next into our Playstation VR games list is the coolest music/rhythm game in the market today. Thumper's gameplay mechanics is much like the popular music games where you have to time your keys or in this case, "movements" in sync with the game's music and beats. It has a futuristic stylish design added to it which makes it even more appealing.

Job Simulator 

Job Simulator is one of the wackiest and funniest games to play on your PlayStation VR. This game takes on a futuristic setting where robots are now taking command of the world. You're in a job simulator museum that's designed to depict how humans are like way back when people perform daily and common jobs. When selecting a specific job, the robots will give you certain tasks in order to carry out the job which where the fun part comes along as you can do whatever you want just to finish the tasks. You can wreak havoc or be extraordinarily crazy and creative when performing the tasks. You can even mess around as much as you want because there's no time limit for each given tasks.

Battlezone VR

Battlezone is arguably one of the best games for the PlayStation VR in the market today. The game puts you in the cockpit of a futuristic tank where you defend your base against waves of enemy invasions. Battlezone simulates exactly what you're supposed to do while playing PSVR; sitting comfortably in your room or sofa while shooting down wave of enemies in your path.

Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky takes a different approach for its PlayStation VR experience as where most games are focused on first-person perspective; this game entails third-person perspective. The game takes you in a role of a girl whose plane has crash-landed in an air fortress together with your dad. Along the storyline, your father is suddenly abducted by an unknown robot and you set in a glorious adventure to rescue your dad. You control your character through point and click which will then direct her the way you wanted her to go.

Which game do you prefer to buy along with the new PlayStation VR? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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