NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls To Send Jimmy Butler To Boston Celtics?

The NBA scene has been trading players for a while now trying to make up the basketball dream team but fans go wild when rumors came up that Chicago Bulls plans to send Jimmy Butler to Boston Celtics.

After experimenting with player trade-offs to get an alpha-centered basketball team, Chicago Bulls is rumored to be planning to send off Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson to other teams under an agreement. The rumor sprang from the fact that Chicago Bulls are struggling with the pre-season games as they have lost matches that they could have won. It was suggested in the said proposal that Jimmy Butler will be sent to Boston Celtics and Taj Gibson to Denver Nuggets. In return, Chicago Bulls will get Denver Nuggets players, Kenneth Faried and Danilo Gallinari. And from Boston Celtics, the Bulls will have to wait for the initial rounder to next year's draft.

Jimmy Butler has been playing for Chicago Bulls since 2011 as forward and has shown talent as well as outstanding playing performance. The swap with Boston Celtics can bring an impact to the team if another one of the oldest players leaves. Chicago Bulls has been making changes in their roster since earlier this year even letting off its veteran players like Derrick Rose, making fans worry about what exactly the team is up to. Fans have pointed out that Bulter can show better performance now that he will be joined by other basketball veterans such as Dwyane Wade, who just signed with Chicago Bulls after playing 13 seasons with Miami Heat.

On the other hand, Boston Celtics might just gain the upper hand in this trade as Butler will strengthen the team's lack of shooting guard. Isaiah Thomas has stated in an interview with ESPN that the biggest issue that Celtics is facing right now is their weakness in shooting and that the trade the team needs is someone who can surely score a point. But Celtics fans have expressed otherwise and have voiced out that Celtics is fine as it is with its current roster that comprises of promising talented athletes.

As of now, Jimmy Butler leaving Chicago Bulls for Boston Celtics is just a rumor. Whether or not the trade takes place, Chicago Bulls will still continue to prepare and test out their new roster to up their game for the upcoming matches. Chicago Bulls have yet to release an official statement regarding this matter.

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