Google Tracks Down Owner Of Self-Driving Minivans Leaked Photos

Photos of apparent Google self-driving minivans were recently published online. These seemed like proof of the reported partnership between Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The two companies had announced their collaboration in self-driving technology back in July. Now, it has been revealed that Google has tracked down the owner of the said photos.

When Herger Took The Minivan Photos

The innovation consultant and Enterprise Garage Chief Executive Officer Mario Herger is writing a book about self-driving cars. It was not long before Herger saw Google's self-driving cars in the company's employee parking lot.

But his attention was not caught by the Lexus SUVs and prototype cars. According to the Silicon Beat, Herger was more interested in the minivans.

Herger didn't hesitate in taking photos of the minivans. Eventually, they ended up in Electrek's website. He later received an e-mail from Google. The tech company seemed to be adamant in his post and photos' removal. Google also pointed out that Herger was not authorized to be on their property.

Herger has told Silicon Beat that he just complied. This is regardless of whether he did trespass or not on Google's property.

Google's Self-driving Minivans

Electrek has previously reported that six minivans have arrived at Google's headquarters in Mountain View. Only two were equipped with sensor suites. The other four were installed with mounting systems.

Google had actually sent an email to the Silicon Beat. They described Electrek's report as "inaccurate".

Though there is no confirmation, this may be a part Google's further venture in carpooling service. The tech giant will be competing against the already established Uber if it does push through.

Back in September, Google had disclosed about the abovementioned Lexus SUVs and prototype cars. The company's cars have jointly travelled beyond two million miles. This is while the said cars were in autonomous mode.

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